The nexGworx Proposition:

nexGworx is a provider of professional services to support other businesses and organisations to start or continue along their ‘smart connected’ and ‘digital adoption’ journeys and achieve their goals. These services include ‘5G Testbed as a Service’ a range of facilities that businesses can access to test and trial the art of the possible over private 5G networks. We can support high level strategy setting through to project management and technical issue resolution.

Technology agnostic, nexGworx are independent of any technology, vendor, network operator and solution provider; meaning our advice and professional services will be unbiased and focussed on your needs.  We will explore the ‘art of the possible’, your ‘unknown unknowns’ and challenge your current assumed truths.

Sectors that are already benefitting from being Smart Connected include

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture and farming
  • Transport and logistics
  • Defence
  • Public services

We have worked with partners to address the following challenges

  • Smart Connected and Digital Strategy setting and implementation
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving quality control processes
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Addressing Health and Safety
  • Making data-driven decisions
  • Identifying and reducing energy usage / carbon footprint
  • Addressing staff training and support requirements

Why nexGworx?

Having led the consortium that delivered the first indoor 5G network and operational use cases in a UK factory in 2019, as part of the Worcestershire 5G Testbed programme, we have access to a wide range of experts and partners in network and application security by design, radio planning, network architecture, business process re-engineering, engineering, solutions providers, and other disciplines.

  • Significant experience in testing and deployment of the latest connected technologies, including 5G
  • Provided services to SMEs through to multinational corporations
  • Proven track record in advanced manufacturing and healthcare settings, building networks and use cases in live and simulated environments

Services include:

  • Smart Connected strategy setting
  • Visioning
  • Creation of Use Cases – ‘Proof of Concept’ & ‘Proof of Value’
  • Building your Business Case – Evidencing the ROI
  • Pathway from concept through to production
  • Technical issue resolution
  • Project management
  • ‘Fit for 5G’ assessments
  • Service design
  • Technical design and radio planning
  • Network design and build
  • Access to range of indoor and outdoor 5G networks
  • Equipment and device hire and reselling
  • Bringing a network to you
  • Spectrum applications
  • Access to Muti-Access Edge Compute (Linux & Microsoft based)

Benefits that customers have proven with nexGworx

  • Improved and assured the capabilities of automated car software in a realistic environment.
  • 2% gain in manufacturing productivity through the development of Industry 4.0 use cases.
  • Reduced the costs of regular maintenance downtime or complete plant failure by monitoring a production line in real-time and responding to responses outside acceptable tolerances in milliseconds.
  • Assisted an aerospace manufacturing company understand the location of and use of its tools, enabling a more efficient operating process to be put in place as well as understanding when tools need to be recalibrated to ensure compliance.
  • Developed solutions for automated guided vehicles.
  • Supported delivery of the network and use-case utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and photographic imagery for quality control purposes.
  • Identified new service models such as ‘Remote Expert’ that improve productivity, reduce carbon emissions, reduce downtime, improve customer satisfaction, and provide staff development opportunities.
  • Assisted an SME to source their own private 5G solution to enable them to take their health and safety application to market on construction sites.

Example use cases

Real time data analysis

Allows data to be collected, analysed, and acted upon in real-time, on or off-site in milliseconds.  This can facilitate automated decision making for a range of purposes such as ‘start’/‘stop’ actions on the production line, reduced human interaction, quality assessments, monitor equipment, enable predictive maintenance avoiding costly machine failure and downtime, track jobs in process, and support your requirements in the journey towards net-zero.

Asset tracking

By tracking equipment, you can undertake analysis of up-to-date information as to how assets move, where they are and how they are being used, which will enable you to map processes better making your operation smarter.  In relation to staff, real-time monitoring can help warn them of dangerous situations in a fixed or dynamic environment.

Versatile work environment

By replacing wires with viable wireless alternatives this can reduce factory fit out costs, enable factory reconfiguration and connect devices, parts, work in progress and staff on the move.

Remote Expert

‘See what I see’ style solutions can support engineers and health workers.  For example, an engineer encountering a particular task for the first time, can access a remote expert back at base to reduce the need for re-visits, enable trainees to become productive sooner, allowing expert engineers to support multiple customers and service requests in one day and further enable experienced staff to elongate their careers.  In healthcare, it can reduce the need for clinicians to visit a patient thereby reducing risk of infection, patient/clinician travel and hospital admissions as well avoiding unnecessary disruption for the patient.

Visit our Case Studies, Videos and Reports and Papers for specific details on individual use-cases.