Indoor 5G Private Network Testbed Service

The nexGworx Indoor 5G Private Network Testbed Service provides the ability for customers to explore potential 5G enabled indoor solutions in a dedicated environment at their own premises.  The service provides a discrete instance of our market leading mobile data private network testbed with internet breakout using 5G standards and indoor coverage.  Customers can use a combination of their own or nexGworx provided equipment including multi-access edge compute, modems and IoT devices.  Collaboration with other testbed customers can also be arranged.

The benefits of the service are the exploration of use cases dependent on low latency, highly reliable and secure by design connectivity that can provide both market opportunity for private network enabled solutions and process/productivity improvement for a customer’s existing business.

The service can be an entry point for customers of all sizes or as a follow-on from the nexGworx 5G Laboratory Service to undertake use case testing at their own facilities.  Customers of this service will typically progress to commercial private network solutions.

Our team of experienced mobile network solution consultants will provide support in the specification of use cases, development of use case testing plans, data analytics, interpretation of results and business case development.  We can also advise on the availability of public funds for the support of research and development.  These aspects of the service can be provided remotely before network deployment at the customer site.

The standard service is priced for a representative configuration with an installation and recurring monthly charge plus a professional services charge with options for nexGworx provided equipment and the level of professional support.  Bespoke solutions can be provided and priced accordingly.