Technical information

nexGworx currently has the Malvern Testbed site open and available for customers to access, the details of this service are highlighted below.

As at May 2021 there are also a number of Testbed facilities at industry sites already operating, including Worcester Bosch and AE Aerospace. With a new Testbed facility build underway at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry.

High Level Service Description

nexGworx offers a packaged 5G testbed solution compliant with 5G standards1 , based at Malvern Hills Science Park and comprising the following: 

  • 5G NSA core capable of supporting up to 20,000 devices
  • 5G SA core as an incremental enhancement (remote and onsite)
  • Private 5G and 4G RAN
  • Mobile Edge Computing solution
  • ‘Security by Design’ wrap, with alongside secure testbed/RF testing option
  • Outdoor 5G and 4G mast and integrated indoor facility with lab facilities
  • Innovation programme supporting small and micro innovators
  • Carrier grade interconnection between sites
  • Enterprise Tier-1 ISP peered cloud connection from MHSP
  • Integration with BT/EE Mobile Labs

Access to BT National Data Exchange and Analytics Programme for the chosen use cases.

nexGworx offers the following technical edge devices. 

  • Microsoft VR and software integration
  • RF test equipment
  • 5G test modems
  • 5G handsets
  • NBIoT and IoT sensors
  • IoT sensors
  • Smart devices

Our approach to spectrum and MNO connectivity is to use the following spectrum: 

4G Carrier5G Spectrum
2,500 – 2,535 MHz 3,500 – 3,580 MHz 
2,620 – 2,655 MHz 3,800 MHz (shared use) 
W5G has clearance for additional spectrum (if needed) 

nexGworx programme coordination and engineering integration services is underpinned by an experienced team backed by a world leading MNO and their technology partners. The nexGworx private network is supported by a newly established operating model comprising an established NOC capability led by BT’s Mobile Innovation Laboratories with Ericsson/Nokia providing integrated 2nd and 3rd line capabilities. 

BT performs the role of strategic Technology Partner as part of W5G, incorporating the following operations to support and develop the nexGworx platform:

  • Operations and support of the enabling 5G Private Network platform, including Ericsson Core and RAN, and WCC owned Multi- Access Edge Computing (MEC) edge technology;
  • Support of an established Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  • Support and integration services for use case exploration;
  • Provision of supporting mobile devices and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for use case exploration;
  • Working with the industry partners to scope, test and deliver ‘connected use cases;’
  • Security advice and assurance; and
  • Provision and management of Spectrum.

‘Security by Design’ forms a further critical foundation of nexGworx. Our partnerships with BT and QinetiQ are the foundation of this, providing our use case partners with access to world leading cyber skills, knowledge and assurance.

[1] 3GPP Release 15 and 16 standards, and, accessed March 2020.