Professional Services

nexGworx offers a comprehensive Professional Services capability delivered either on a standalone basis or alongside other services. nexGworx and partner staff, experienced in all aspects of complex innovation and infrastructure project delivery, are used to deliver the services, with care taken in staff selection to ensure vendor neutrality, avoid conflicts of interest and consider the maximum re-use potential of the customer’s existing capability. 

Professional Services are applied across the project life cycle covering initial situation appraisal, “Fit for 5G” assessment, candidate use case identification and development, development of a 5G test and trial adoption strategy, solution and service design options (including security, spectrum management and test plans) business case development, funding options, benefits assessment, stakeholder management, project phasing, delivery planning, and project assurance. 

This approach enables outcomes to be tailored to customer need.  Each step is supported by tried and proven diagnostic approaches and template outputs.

Our rigorous approach is designed to provide the customer with the following key benefits:

  • A thorough, evidence-based approach to crystallize the case for change, increasing planning and budget accuracy as well as the early identification of opportunities to increase business efficiency.
  • A genuine cost/benefit approach to validate and justify customer proposals resulting in sound decision making.
  • Independent and practical guidance from subject matter experts (SMEs) who can represent the case at the most senior level of Industry and Government.
  • Improved return on investment from 5G and IoT initiatives by reliance on our practical experience thereby not re-inventing the wheel.
  • A core team, including financial and technical SMEs and modellers, who will work with internal customer staff and other technical experts to shape the case. The customer receives a clear researched and documented view on whole life costs and the impact of change.
  • Reduced implementation risk through early delivery of proofs of concept.
  • A proven pathway from concept through to production.

Initial situation appraisal will normally be undertaken through a 1 hour telephone based engagement, following which the customer will receive a written proposal to support deployment of further professional services and bespoke pricing.